Published: 28th Apr 2021

Ten of the country’s top business leaders have called for a National Prosperity Scorecard to measure ‘levelling up’ against a set social and economic indicators. In a report published today (28 April), the Covid Recovery Commission has also called for an industry cluster in every part of the UK by 2030, as part of a blueprint to help the UK recover from the pandemic. The report argues that ‘the pandemic has had a bigger impact on our economy than any event in the last 300 years’. An analysis by the commission reveals that the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities with unemployment, mortality rates and mental health cases rising fastest in the most deprived communities across the UK. It also shows that 18% of the most deprived people – 1.15m people – in the UK are living in local authorities with the highest economic output. Key to the Prosperity Plan is … (To read the full article, subscribe below)