Published: 14th Feb 2011

During the last decade the UK was extremely generous in sharing valuable research on ways to shape the public realm. Now, while funding for much of that research has been reduced, the UK has a large opportunity (especially with the advent of the Big Society) to focus on the best bottom-up processes for shaping public spaces and enhancing civic life. The time is right to move toward empowering local communities to improve their communities using the time-tested ways we’ve seen Placemaking succeed around the world. In the UK our work has been particularly inspiring to us. We have collaborated with the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment and CABE and some of the Centres for Architecture. Several years ago we did a City Commentary about the public spaces of London that ruffled some feathers in the design community. It would certainly need some updating today as poor spaces have been … (To read the full article, subscribe below)