Published: 15th Mar 2021

Sheffield city region mayor Dan Jarvis has announced a ‘ground-breaking’ £860m package to revitalise South Yorkshire’s economy and transform the region. Mr Jarvis said he and local leaders were ‘rewriting the rule book’ to meet the seismic economic challenge posed by Covid-19. The investment heralds a ‘New Deal for South Yorkshire’, which will unleash South Yorkshire’s potential, and deliver recovery and renewal for the region after the pandemic. It will invest hundreds of millions into schemes to protect, create and attract thousands of jobs, train workers and apprentices, back businesses to locate and grow in the region, and transform infrastructure – building South Yorkshire’s transport network and revitalising its high streets and towns. The £860m investment is made up of: £358m MCA funding for South Yorkshire’s recovery in 2021/2022. This will mean direct support for: Jobs and apprenticeships, and helping people find them Helping businesses to survive and thrive Revitalising … (To read the full article, subscribe below)