Published: 16th Dec 2010

Can the government’s ‘radical’ welfare reforms succeed where others have failed? Matthew Jackson discovers alternative ideas in Bristol The economy of the UK is in a state of flux. Growth and economic development has stalled and physical and social regeneration activity has virtually drawn to a close through wide-ranging cuts to public sector finances. Business instability and the recession has seen month on month increases in claims of jobseeker’s allowance and other out of work benefits. While the government has signalled its intent to reform the welfare system and has introduced the Single Work Programme, it is still the long-term unemployed and ‘workless’ who face the greatest barriers to the workplace. Things like lack of affordable childcare, financial exclusion and poor connectivity exacerbate the challenges that many people face, making worklessness a multiple rather than single characteristic of poverty and deprivation. What is needed is a greater understanding of the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)