Published: 8th Jun 2018

A report from the Renewable Energy Association has called on councils to introduce measures that would support the growth of electric vehicles in the UK. To facilitate this they would like to see the introduction of ‘EV Champions’ who would be a councillor that can be the main contact point for the public and developers who can help navigate the process of charging infrastructure being developed. Councils can also make the ‘Milton Keynes Promise’ which was the council in Milton Keynes’ pledge to provide an overnight charging facility within a short walk of a new electric car owner’s home. Other small-scale EV initiatives recommended for councils include: Extra incentives for EVs such as the use of bus lanes, dedicated free parking, and exemption from any potential city centre charges. Setting up one-off workshops to spread EV knowledge and promote uptake. This can be done in conjunction with private companies to showcase new … (To read the full article, subscribe below)