Published: 9th Nov 2020

Leeds City Council has unveiled the first of its trial active travel neighbourhoods, which are part of a new scheme to improve the local environment.  The neighbourhoods (also known as ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’) introduced initially in Hyde Park and Chapeltown, with a scheme in Beeston soon to follow. It marks the start of temporary trials for a minimum of six months, during which the council will closely consult, monitor and evaluate their impact. The trial changes are looking to improve road safety, encourage children to play outside, promote walking and cycling and make the air in these residential streets cleaner to breathe. Local residents will be able to provide feedback throughout the trial and their responses will help to determine whether the schemes are amended, retained or withdrawn. The council’s parks and countryside team will install up to 120 planters across 60 locations, over the active travel neighbourhoods. All streets … (To read the full article, subscribe below)