Published: 16th Apr 2014

The Evergreen Co-operative in Cleveland, Ohio, the inspiration for Preston Council’s community wealth-building initiative Finance is at the heart of local change. The most resilient local economies are those in which money flows around a community, through progressive procurement and support for local services and businesses. Here’s ten of the best ideas from around the world for helping keep finance local: 1. Launch a small business fund connected to a time bank. The Arroyo SECO community revolving loan fund is the first small business micro-loan programme funded and managed by a time bank. Recognising the fact that many small businesses were setting up as a result of the skill shares and exchanges within the time bank network, it decided to offer loans to members running or setting up small businesses and co-operatives. Loans range from $500-5000 and are aimed particularly at women and those in economic … (To read the full article, subscribe below)