Published: 5th Jun 2017

Kensington in Liverpool received the largest chunk of funding allocated under the New Deal for Communities programme in 2000. So why is the neighbourhood now in dire straits? John P. Houghton finds out. Streets running with human excrement. Anything not nailed down being stolen. Stabbings and robberies a regular occurrence. The Liverpool Echo’s recent reports into the state of the city’s Kensington neighbourhood paint an alarming picture. Yet the most shocking fact, unreported by the Echo, is that the same ‘Kenny’ neighbourhood was the recipient of £62m through the New Deal for Communities programme (NDC). The NDC programme, as some of you will recall, was one of the last Labour government’s most significant neighbourhood renewal spending commitments. In total, 39 small neighbourhoods across England were awarded £2bn. Kensington’s allocation was the largest of them all. The body responsible for spending this money on a long term and supposedly sustainable programme … (To read the full article, subscribe below)