Published: 22nd Feb 2012

The debate about the role of central government in reviving deprived places is stuck. The real issue isn’t more or less government, but where and what type, argues John P. Houghton. The recent exchange between the regeneration select committee and the DCLG was a very depressing affair. The select committee rightly criticised the government for having no meaningful strategy or consideration for reviving the poorest places. Its Regeneration to enable growth toolkit is a pretty feeble set of lists and platitudes that doesn’t engage with serious questions about the likelihood and type of growth we might see in different places. What about neighbourhoods where growth is going to be very hard to achieve? What about the places where growth won’t benefit the neediest neighbourhoods? And that’s before we get on to deeper issues about the potential for post-growth or steady state strategies in other places. I suspect many of you … (To read the full article, subscribe below)