Published: 3rd Nov 2015

I’ve long had strong views about the education system. Paradoxically while it failed me in so many ways, both of my children excelled academically. In the late 60s I found myself a bright kid with attitude, in a school where failure to conform meant marginalisation and exclusion from opportunity. It was realising that even today, bright kids who want a different future from that mapped out for them by their school, suffer the same exclusion from opportunity that led me to found social enterprise Swarm Apprenticeships a couple of years ago. Swarm is already changing lives, but today I want to reflect on an aspect of today’s education system even I had rather overlooked. I was shocked, but then not desperately surprised, to learn that over the past four years, the number of school children admitted as emergencies to psychiatric hospitals has doubled. So what prompted me to reflect on … (To read the full article, subscribe below)