Published: 20th Sep 2012

The chancellor George Osborne has been peddling the rhetoric of ‘rebalancing the economy’ since the coalition came into power in 2010, yet for the first time in over 40 years there is no national programme of regeneration to address the needs of the most deprived areas. Furthermore, the agencies tasked with tackling regional disparities have been closed and many of their functions centralised. For the past two years, the coalition has been busy dismantling the framework for urban regeneration erected by the Labour government, opting to end the latter’s flagship schemes in favour of cost cutting.  In our latest report, People or Place? Urban policy in the age of austerity, we consider the lessons that can be learned from these initiatives as the government presses forward in its agenda to reduce spatial disparities. The report considers two of Labour’s major initiatives: the regional development agencies (RDAs), which aimed to close … (To read the full article, subscribe below)