Published: 16th Oct 2019

A social value reporting tool, Impact Reporting, has partnered with the University of Manchester to measure sustainability within the University. Impact Reporting was established in 2017 to streamline the way businesses capture, monitor and produce real-time reports based on their social and environmental impacts. The tool will record and analyse ‘10,000 Actions,’ the UK’s largest environmental sustainability initiative in higher education. 10,000 Actions aims to provide all members of staff at the university with the opportunity to engage in a programme of learning and positive action on sustainability by helping them to develop a personal sustainability action plan. Lucy Millard, environmental sustainability manager at the University of Manchester said: ‘We wanted to work with Impact because of our involvement in its inception and how well the tool aligns with our 10,000 Actions initiative.’ ‘With previous systems, we noticed staff were committing to actions but not recording them when they were completed.’ … (To read the full article, subscribe below)