Published: 24th Apr 2014

One aspect of social enterprise development, and almost certainly one of the most important, is achieving ‘the S word’ – sustainability. The sector has for many years worked closely with funding providers as a means of supporting project development and liquidity. This has come at a cost in some cases, with the raison d’être of the organisation contorting to become what the funder needs it to be, generally for the purposes of getting the all important offer letter or service level agreement. This in itself is a necessary evil for the third sector, and also a reflection of its greatest strengths: resilience, willingness and flexibility. After all, it’s the community that benefits ultimately. In the delivery of the south east Wales community economic development programme (SEWCED), the understanding was that there would always be a need for funding. But through social enterprise development and an encouragement of trading income generation, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)