Published: 19th Feb 2021

Shropshire county councillors are to discuss plans to move out of the current civic centre next week and into new offices in Shrewsbury town centre. The councillors will be asked to support proposals for a new civic centre within Shrewsbury’s Pride Hill Centre, and to approve further work to prepare detailed designs and costings for the plans. In July last year, the council agreed to stop plans to refurbish the current civic centre – Shirehall – which would have cost £24m, and instead to seek to move to a Shrewsbury town centre location. The Pride Hill Centre has emerged as the preferred location following an independent review of five town centre sites. Developing a civic centre at the Pride Hill Centre would cost an estimated £12.5m, £11.5m less than staying at Shirehall. The redevelopment work would be funded by the sale of the Shirehall site, and a £5m grant from … (To read the full article, subscribe below)