Scottish regeneration funds are not reaching the poor

Despite all the talk of prioritising poverty in Scotland, most regeneration investment is still going into wealthier areas, says Derek Rankine SURF, a network of more than 250 regeneration-related organisations in Scotland, recently undertook an 18-month consultation process to develop a community regeneration manifesto for the May 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. Our consultation findings led us to the conclusion that the majority of regeneration investment in the country is not reaching the right places. A central concern raised is that many regeneration resources designed to tackle poverty are ending up in affluent areas and commercial centres. Citing evidence by the University of Glasgow, Ryden Property Consultancy, and the Scottish Parliament’s local government and regeneration committee, we found that current regeneration investment trends favour already successful places. In so doing, they are counter-productively increasing inequality. A mismatch was also identified between the structural levels at which social and economic problems develop, … (To read more, subscribe below)

Derek Rankine

Derek Rankine

Derek Rankine is policy and participation manager at Surf, Scotland's independent regeneration network

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