Published: 7th Jul 2016

The government is pressing ahead with the privatisation of many services and outsourcing. In fact, central and local government, the NHS and wider public sector are relentlessly extending the reach, scope and volume of public service outsourcing. A change in Conservative leader could accelerate this. In part, this is a direct result of government policy to redefine and reduce the role of the state and the public sector, and the related policy of austerity. I accept (and surely few can rationally argue) that not ‘only’ the state, whether at local or national level, can or should deliver and manage public services.  There has always been a delivery role for the business sector and even more so for the social sectors. ‘A fresh mindset has the potential to herald a renaissance – if not a revolution – in the delivery of truly public services’ However, with regard to non-public sector delivery, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)