Published: 2nd Aug 2018

Days after solar broke the record for weekly output between June 21 and 28, the Government delivered a blow to the small-scale renewables industry when it announced that in April 2019, their popular feed-in-tariff will end for new applicants. Friends of the Earth originally praised the scheme as a ‘tremendous opportunity for people across the UK to play their part in the green energy revolution,’ and since its introduction in 2010, the tariff has encouraged a solar boom, with almost a million homes in the UK now featuring solar panels. Participants receive a set amount for each unit of electricity that they generate, called a ‘generation tariff’. The rates vary depending on the size of the panels, when they were installed or how energy efficient your home is. One of the most attractive features for homeowners looking to go solar was the so-called ‘export tariff’, which means extra units of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)