Published: 11th Jul 2014

Many town centres are struggling because too much money flowing around the local economy is allowed to leak out. Lock that money in and you can multiply its impact and generate local wealth. A new money-tracking tool being trialled in Lancaster could be the answer to plugging those holes  Apparently the UK is now out of recession. With the ranks of the global super-rich swelling by 40% since 2008, some might agree. Meanwhile, the increasing number of UK citizens who are now deemed to be living in poverty – estimated at 33% of the population– might beg to differ. The small northern city of Lancaster, population 135,000, still has a relatively healthy retail centre by current UK standards with many small independent shops adding a unique flavour to the serial monotony of the multiples, with their standardised prefabricated shopping formats. Yet having witnessed the alarming increase in shop vacancy rates in other areas of the country, interventions may be … (To read the full article, subscribe below)