Published: 11th Dec 2014

In 1957, the then Conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan said that Britons ‘had never had it so good’. Fifty years on, some Britons have never had it so bad! Our fragile return to national economic growth is welcome, but it’s economically, geographically and socially skewed, with little thought of climate change and the environment Low wages and a rise of zero hours contracts, means that a job is no longer a guarantee to a better future. Some Britons are haves, but a growing many are have-nots. Poverty is on the rise, food banks are filling the gaps in a declining welfare safety net. Inequality knows no compass points: even London has over 600,000 children living in poverty. Six years on from the global financial crisis, policy effort is often limited, short-term and reactive, trying get back to what we had, instead of building an even better tomorrow. 2015 will bring an election and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)