Published: 25th Jun 2020

Liverpool has set out a £1.4bn plan to help boost the region’s post-Brexit and post-coronavirus recovery. The city has submitted a 178-page report to the prime minister and the chancellor, which if delivered, will create 25,600 jobs, provide an additional 12,000 construction jobs and more than 9,700 apprenticeships. Commissioned by the mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, this fully costed post-Covid recovery strategy sets out a five-year vision that also underlines Liverpool’s key strategic role as a global gateway in post-Brexit Britain. The LERP report focuses on four key themes – innovation, housing, employment and creativity – with the goal of providing jobs and supporting people in accessing lifelong careers in the areas which will drive the UK economy in future decades. It identifies more than 25 shovel ready projects – most of which could begin before the end of 2020. Totalling £1.4bn these projects include a new cruise terminal, a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)