Published: 24th Mar 2020

Liverpool has set out a plan to retain its World Heritage Site as new figures show that almost £3bn has been invested to upgrade historic sites and buildings across the city over the last decade.  Following UNESCO’s consideration to delete Liverpool from the World Heritage list, Liverpool City Council has drafted a new Desired State of Conservation Report (DSOCR) for the UK government to submit to the World Heritage Committee. The report will outline how more than £2.6bn has been invested, by both public and private sector, into historic assets in the city in the past decade. The investments include the upgrade of 59 listed buildings, such as the current refurbishment of the Grade I listed Liver Building. The report will also focus on how the city aims to balance its projected population and economic growth over the next 15 years, which will see the creation of 35,000 new homes … (To read the full article, subscribe below)