Published: 9th Nov 2018

Tim Johnson is the managing director of the City of Wolverhampton Council. He spoke to NewStart about their £150m new train station, involving eBay with local businesses and comparisons with Birmingham. When you’re trying to grow a city, how do you balance its different economies? We’re not a one trick pony and if something terrible happens in one sector it’s not the end of the city and we believe we’ve spread our bets fairly evenly. Investors are most concerned about the certainty of the workforce. They want to know if the city is able to attract a quality workforce for their business. At the minute we have high investment, high job creation but high unemployment, which is telling you one thing – not enough people in the city are at a place where they can be competitive in the new market. Our emphasis is about getting into the education and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)