Published: 5th Feb 2014

Wadebridge, a small town in Cornwall, is going ‘back to the future’, localising its energy supply and, in doing so, re-building its local economy Stand in Coronation Park, high above the north Cornish town of Wadebridge, and you can look down on the future of localised energy supply. Solar panels glint from the roofs of homes and schools, wind turbines whirr and solar farms are just visible in the distance. The town now gets 3% of its energy supply from renewables, and plans to have reached 100% by 2020. It’s the day after the launch of the government’s community energy strategy – the first such strategy in England – and if anywhere is an example of how to make local energy happen, it is here. The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network – Wren – has focused on making local energy the norm. Indeed, 100 years ago the town was almost self-sufficient … (To read the full article, subscribe below)