Published: 11th Apr 2012

The British Medical Journal recently published a very important (referenced and evidence based) article on processes currently underway that could dismantle the post-war consensus to a universal welfare state. The article is primarily concerned with English policy development and its health and wellbeing impacts – but it has broader implications for economic wellbeing across the UK. This is how it implies the welfare state will be dismantled: 1. Shift the narrative and policy direction of the state’s role from securing a ‘universal right of insurance for all’ against want, disease, ignorance, squalor, and idleness to ‘providing welfare for the poor’. This has the subtle effect of moving the state’s role away from providing ‘universal security’ to providing just ‘a safety net’ for the vulnerable. 2. Then – separate and promote the idea of ‘deserving poor’ from one of ‘the undeserving poor’ 3. Then: • use the media to keep showing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)