Published: 6th Oct 2020

The High Streets Task Force has appointed more than 150 experienced professionals to help towns deal with the continuing impact of the pandemic. The task force has recruited highly qualified experts from leading national bodies: Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Landscape Institute, Design Council, and the Institute of Place Management. The experts, mentors and facilitators will deliver a range of services, including workshops with local authorities and communities to explore and build local visions, mentoring for place leaders, and bespoke advice to help councils tackle complex issues that are blocking progress. In building the experts register, each body has identified a list of between ten and twelve areas of expertise which are represented by its membership. This approach ensures that towns are supported by those with specific expertise that are best placed to advise on their issues. ‘This is such a wonderful opportunity to actively participate in re-imagining our high … (To read the full article, subscribe below)