Published: 19th Jan 2015

LankellyChase has launched the first thoroughgoing profile of severe and multiple disadvantage in England. It shouldn’t be news to many that people experiencing severe social harms such as homelessness, offending or drug misuse mostly face a much wider set of problems. And yet, until recently, it has been remarkably difficult for the homeless, offending or drug misuse systems, both statutory and voluntary, to acknowledge the degree of overlap between their ‘populations’. When I led the social exclusion unit report on prisoner rehabilitation, the criminal justice system – and its associated charities – only understood that there were offenders with housing problems. The idea that they could also be described as homeless people with offending problems simply didn’t compute. The Troubled Families initiative should partly be credited with disrupting this rigidity and popularising the notion that when services start with the whole person they are almost inevitably drawn into addressing multiple … (To read the full article, subscribe below)