Published: 11th Oct 2018

The UK will not be able to meet 2050 climate targets unless every home is retrofitted, according to a new report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Nottingham Trent University. Their definition of retrofitting includes adding solar panels or other renewable energy sources, improving insulation and ventilation, and implementing sustainable heating systems. The report states that energy used in homes accounts for about 20% of UK greenhouse gas emission three-quarters of that comes from heating and hot water. It adds that 80% of the homes people will inhabit in 2050 have already been built, meaning it is not possible to rely on new builds alone to meet legal energy-saving targets set in the 2008 Climate Change Act. Rick Hartwig, IET Built Environment lead, said: ‘If we are to meet the 2050 targets of the Climate Change Act, then all housing in the UK must have zero carbon … (To read the full article, subscribe below)