Published: 13th Apr 2021

People from ethnic minorities are twice as likely to face discrimination when using in local services, according to a new survey. The survey for a new report by the RSA found 52% of Asian and 50% of black respondents have faced discrimination when accessing local services – compared to 19% of the white population. In addition, 59% say they have suffered discrimination when accessing local services in the past, versus 33% for those who are not. The report also finds that ethnic minority groups have been worse impacted by Covid. It found minority groups have struggled to access government support. Almost half (46%) of Asian respondents, 41% of those with mixed ethnic backgrounds and 39% of Black respondents say they have struggled or been unable to access government support, despite being eligible for it. These issues are compounded by issues with living space and caring responsibilities. Asian, Mixed and Black respondents … (To read the full article, subscribe below)