Published: 27th Feb 2019

Edinburgh residents would like to see ‘radical’ change in Scotland’s capital city, according to a major council consultation. A majority of respondents (51%) to the city’s ‘Connecting our City, Transforming our Places’ consultation, which took place last year, said they wanted to see a more radical approach to making sure the city is fit for the future, while three quarters of respondents supported the idea of reducing traffic in the city centre. 88% of the 5000 people who took part in the consultation – which will shape the council’s visions for Edinburgh – said they wanted to see changes to how the city centre is managed. Responses to the public consultation will now be used by the council to draw up its future plans for the city, with suggestions for interventions in three areas of the city set to be reported to its Transport and Environment Committee tomorrow (Feb 28). … (To read the full article, subscribe below)