Published: 12th Feb 2020

A group of local authorities has called for a renewed emphasis on manufacturing to help rebuild Britain’s ‘left behind’ towns. A new report out today (12 February) by the Industrial Communities Alliance claims a manufacturing revival is ‘what the UK economy needs’ and would help boost the economies of older towns. The report notes the economies of many older industrial towns remains weak with slow job growth, low-grade jobs and worklessness. It also argues that many of these towns are relying increasingly on jobs in neighbouring or nearby cities. ‘For too long, manufacturing has been undervalued and this needs to change,’ the report states. ‘By valuing, investing in and protecting what older industrial towns make and sell, the economies of these “left behind” places can become more self-sustaining and contribute to the economic wealth of the nation.’ In order to help rebuild the economies of older industrial towns, the report … (To read the full article, subscribe below)