The UK’s 10 biggest cities have called on the government to focus on inclusive growth and devolve more powers to help make the country stronger for Brexit. The Core Cities group today published the final version of its green paper, entitled Invest Reform Trust, which calls on Whitehall to take a more localised approach to policy in order to build a stronger and fairer Britain. The report claims devolving powers and boosting the productivity of the ten cities in the group could help boost the national economy by £70-£90bn a year. It calls for a dialogue between local and central government on plans around Brexit and a new settlement, which sees power passing to local communities, allowing cities to take back control of service provision and help rebalance the economy. The report recommends inclusive growth be placed at the heart of a ‘place-based industrial strategy’, with each Whitehall department committing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Jamie Hailstone is senior reporter – NewStart