Published: 20th Jan 2021

The government must think local when it comes to ‘levelling up’ and the post-pandemic economic recovery, according to a new report. The Good Growth for Cities report by PwC and think tank Demos argues that while the cities and towns hardest hit by the economic fallout from the pandemic are likely to make the fastest recovery, they are still expected to be worse off than at the beginning of the pandemic compared to other places. According to the report, cities and towns hardest hit during the pandemic, such as Bradford, Liverpool and Southend have seen their economies decrease by more than 12.5% in 2020, yet are among those with the strongest projected growth rates for 2021. These cities are predicted to recover faster than others in 2021, with growth rates of 5.3% and higher. However, it warns a return to pre-pandemic conditions will not necessarily instigate a dramatic upturn in economic … (To read the full article, subscribe below)