Published: 28th Nov 2011

Public Policy in the Community (2nd edition) By Marilyn Taylor Reviewed by John Houghton I described the first edition of Prof. Marilyn Taylor’s Public Policy in the Community as ‘a crucial contribution to an important policy debate’. I only know this because the back cover of the new second edition quotes my original review. My point back in 2004 was that notions of ‘community’ were everywhere, particularly in relation to tackling deprivation, but they were often used without clear analysis or intent. Saying decisions would be ‘taken by the community’ tended to halt debate. Who wants to say they’re against community? But all sorts of questions were subsequently left unanswered – who is the community, how will they decide, what if everyone disagrees? As Taylor put it, community was at risk of becoming a ‘spray-on solution’ to all manner of problems. Public Policy in the Community stood out because it … (To read the full article, subscribe below)