Published: 10th Apr 2012

How local resilience creates sustainable societies By Philip Monaghan Published by Routledge Some months ago I wrote a few lines on Sustainability in Austerity: How local governments can deliver during times of crisis by Philip Monaghan, a book that covers some arguments around not using local budget constraints as an excuse to stop working on sustainability from local authorities. Now the author goes deeper into the role of local communities in resilience practices with How local resilience creates sustainable societies. Take a look at it if you are exploring or working on sustainability from a community-empowerment perspective, as the book makes the case for bottom-up approaches to local sustainability issues with a very diverse selection of practices throughout the world. The text can serve as an introduction to the intricate problems that make public sustainability policies so ineffective. Sharing the same concerns that inspired the previous book, this new one … (To read the full article, subscribe below)