Published: 24th Oct 2011

Democracy as we currently practice it is a funny system. A form of governance intended to maximise public involvement and give everyone an equal say in society has turned into a ritual where, for most of us, sticking an X on a ballot paper every few years is as much involvement as we’ll ever have. There are of course other ways to make your voice heard. You can write letters to the paper or create petitions to protest or demand the righting of wrongs. The Avaaz network and organisations like 38 Degrees have been particularly successful at mobilising public opinion around causes such as preventing the sale of publicly-owned forests. But examples of real involvement in the decision-making process are relatively few. That’s way it’s important that today the charity Church Action on Poverty is calling for one per cent of all local authority budgets to be handed over to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)