Published: 4th Apr 2011

David Cameron and Lord Heseltine with Richard Mawdsley and Peter Nears of Peel Holdings tour the £4.5bn Wirral Waters development on Merseyside, one of Britain’s biggest regeneration schemes. The new select committees of the House of Commons are proving very active in scrutinising government policy as it unfolds. An inquiry at the public administration select committee on the subject of  Big Society received so many submissions that its inbox was reportedly full before the deadline. The communities and local government select committee has wasted no time in establishing a wide-ranging inquiry into the coalition government’s published plans for regeneration, scrutinising the document Regeneration to Enable Growth: What Government is Doing in Support of Community led Regeneration. The new CLG select committee has many members with extensive experience of local government – from Clive Betts in the chair from Sheffield, Heidi Alexander from Lewisham and James Morris, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)