Published: 24th Apr 2018

Cllr Huw Thomas, leader of Cardiff City Council, argues that after a decade of austerity, the time is right for a new culture of funding. Within living memory, the landscapes of Britain’s core cities have been transformed. Once smog-filled bastions of heavy industry they have faced down the spectre of managed decline and emerged as vibrant hubs, dominated by the knowledge economy and services. While each city responded differently to the challenges of deindustrialization, the role of culture in regeneration has been a consistent theme. Glasgow’s European City of Culture programme in 1990 was a turning point for that city, as it was for Liverpool in 2008. In Cardiff, sports and culture were brilliantly and inventively used to transform the city – culminating in our hosting of the UEFA Champions League Final and the UK’s first Music City. Across our cities, a buzzing cultural scene has become a major part … (To read the full article, subscribe below)