Published: 31st Aug 2011

There is a unique community project taking place at the moment and it is called ‘A Little Patch of Ground’ led by participatory arts group, Encounters. Since April 2011 two community vegetable gardens based on permaculture principles have been established and two culturally diverse and intergenerational groups have been formed. One garden is in an urban setting, situated at Artsadmin’s Toynbee Studios in the heart of the east end of London, and the second garden is in a rural environment, at Dartington Hall Trust, South Devon. From May until the end of September each group of 25 people aged between 5 and 87 have been meeting weekly to take part in vegetable growing and weekly creative activities. The gardening and creative threads of the project intertwine and feed off each other. The participants explore through creative writing, story-telling, photography and drama the relationships they have with where they live and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)