Published: 4th Sep 2018

Belfast City Council has agreed plans for a £140m commercial and mixed-use regeneration of a former landfill site. Included in the plans is a £93m visitor attraction, made up of four distinct zones or ‘hubs’ – a welcome hub, a leisure and sports innovation hub, an adventure hub and a theme park hub – which they hope will be completed by 2026. They estimate that the development will create 200 construction jobs and sustain up to 1,400 jobs on the visitor attraction when operational. Members also approved the £27m development of a data centre to support the digital economy and a £20m anaerobic digestion facility to generate and export electricity from organic waste. Inspired by the Cave Hill area’s renowned association with the novel, Gulliver’s Travels, Belfast City Council has named the site Giant’s Park. Giant’s Park is already home to a £20m state of the art film studio complex, developed … (To read the full article, subscribe below)