Published: 30th Mar 2011

Last month’s Wolf report made interesting reading for those of us looking to train young people and regenerate communities. The report called for a major shake-up of vocational training, most of which it claimed had ‘little to no labour market value’. While the first reaction of many was to dismiss the report of hand because of its unrelenting negativity, I think it made several valid points; namely ensuring work-based learning is as targeted as possible and supporting the long-overdue notion of subsidising apprenticeships. What the report made plain is that vocational training could be delivered more effectively in some areas and few could argue with that premise. As chief executive of a social enterprise in the training sector, I am always looking for ways to improve opportunities for our learners and so boost the North Staffordshire economy. However, where I really thought the Wolf report missed the mark was in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)