Published: 11th Oct 2016

Justine Greening has announced the creation of ten ‘social mobility hotspots’, including West Somerset, Norwich, Blackpool, Scarborough, Derby and Oldham. These have been named by government as areas where ‘the poor find it hardest to get on’, and are due to get £6m each, for teacher training and resources, links with universities, apprenticeships, mentoring and Citizens’ Service. This is a fairly small first step to improving prospects – across the six local authorities there are just under 50,000 primary school children on free school meals, out of over a million in England – but has huge potential as a pilot for a wider programme to improve social mobility through education. The key to making these pilots work is making sure that the funding is used to achieve the best results for these six areas, and that the initial programme is  built on to improve life for the millions more people … (To read the full article, subscribe below)