Published: 20th Sep 2018

Joanne Merry, technical director at Carbon 2018, discusses why is a wellbeing strategy is vital for property managers. Florence Nightingale told hospitals that they needed more windows, better ventilation, improved drainage and more space. This was great advice in the early days of better, healthier buildings but today the challenges are far greater. Employers are pushing for healthier, more comfortable working environments for their staff, which has made those in the property management sector alive to the need for a wellbeing strategy for their buildings. The healthy building movement There are two main drivers of the healthy building movement. The first is the clear evidence that the working environment impacts employee productivity, providing employers with a financial case for being concerned about workplace wellbeing. The second is that the next generation of employees, Generation Z, are not willing to compromise on health or happiness and demand nothing less than a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)