Published: 18th Dec 2012

We asked six experts to give their verdicts on the events of 2012 and suggest ideas for progression in 2013. In our fifth instalment, Keren Suchecki sums up a year which saw poverty rise up the agenda The year 2012 has been a shameful one for welfare and poverty in the UK.  We’ve seen the poorest forced to work unpaid or lose their benefits, some left to sleep under bridges while the nation celebrates the Olympics: a work programme which has replaced real jobs with modern slavery. We’ve seen the sick and dying deemed fit for work by incompetent assessments.  A year in which the under 25s have been threatened with having the roofs taken from over their heads risking a return to the rough sleeping numbers we saw under Thatcher.  This government has demonised and trampled on the most vulnerable. The chancellor’s autumn statement delivered a final kicking with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)