Published: 25th Nov 2011

I met Terry the other day. He doesn’t know I’m writing about him. When he finds out, I hope he’ll be flattered, he certainly should be. You see Terry is a true community activist although he probably won’t see himself as such. He certainly doesn’t look the part, but as a campaigner, he’s a natural. He’s the sort of person those charged with responsibility for making ‘Big Society’ work will usually overlook. To be frank, he has more clout than many bureaucrats, if only because his commitment to his cause is absolute. Like a Kamikaze pilot, he’s got one agenda and little to lose by not giving it his all. However in place of a zero fighter plane Terry pilots a mobility scooter. In place of a flying helmet he wears a flat cap. In place of an oxygen mask he sucks air through a cigarette. Terry lives in Colchester. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)