Published: 25th Jun 2013

Loneliness can affect anyone and is something everyone can identify with. For some people, it is an overwhelming experience, damaging their mental and physical health. If we’re concerned about having strong, well and active communities, loneliness is something we need to think about. Loneliness tends to be talked about as ‘social isolation’, making it sound scientific and removing the personal and emotional connotations of what loneliness really is. But social isolation isn’t the same. Social isolation refers to a lack of contact with others and a limited social network, whereas loneliness is about the quality of our relationships which determine whether we feel like we belong and are supported by others. Why is this a public matter? Do we really need interventions and initiatives on loneliness?  Maybe we do. Recently, loneliness has received a lot more attention thanks partly to publications by organisations, such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which … (To read the full article, subscribe below)