Published: 9th Mar 2020

Waste heat from the London Underground will be used to provide heating to 1,350 homes, a school and a leisure centre.  A new energy centre which opened yesterday (March 5) is the first of its kind to use wasted energy to power buildings. The Bunhill 2 Energy Centre has been built at a former Underground station that has been out of use for over 100 years. The station has been turned into a place to house a huge underground fan which extracts warm air from the Northern Line. This air then travels through a series of 1.5km of pipes, heating water which is then used for domestic and commercial heating systems. The station uses heat that would otherwise go to waste, it is estimated that it will help to reduce CO2 emissions by around 500 tonnes each year. It will also cut the heating bills for council tenants who are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)