Published: 7th Nov 2018

England’s landfill sites will be overflowing by 2022, according to research from The Furniture Recycling Group. They say that 45.4 million tonnes of waste is dumped at landfill each year, with only enough space for 175.1 million tonnes of waste left in total, creating an increasingly shortening capacity gap. The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan promised to tackle many important waste recycling issues, including a major focus on the elimination of single-use plastics, but TFR Group says England will reach crisis point soon if there isn’t an immediate focus on the recycling of bulkier waste streams. According to their research, over 1.6 million tonnes of bulky waste is sent to landfill every year, with furniture and mattresses accounting for 42% of this. They estimate 7.5 million mattresses are being dumped into landfill across the country each year. Nick Oettinger, managing director of TFR Group, said: ‘I cannot stress enough the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)