Published: 5th Mar 2012

It’s vital we learn from programmes like housing market renewal if we’re serious about putting communities at the heart of regeneration, says Jennifer Strutt A billboard advertises new homes in the Walker district of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, one of the city’s HMR areas, back in 2007. With housing market renewal (HMR) wound up – apart from transitional funding to support those areas left most in limbo – what is the future of regeneration? Whatever is next, communities need to be at the heart of the process. The government has spoken in favour of an approach to regeneration that ‘puts residents, local businesses, civil society organisations and civic leaders in the driving seat’. This is something that previous programmes, such as HMR, have been criticised for failing to do, and is vital if regeneration is to succeed. In light of this, and the many other challenges facing regeneration, the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)