Published: 13th Aug 2019

The West Midlands social housing provider whg has been given a £1m research grant to trial the construction of modular homes in Walsall. The grant, awarded by Innovate UK, will fund a two-year research and development project by whg in offsite housing construction and how it could help tackle the housing crisis. The housing association aims to trial designs of modular homes, which will be pre-built in a factory on some of its unused sites in Walsall, before rolling them out more widely if successful. It is hoped that the project will reveal the most effective types of Advanced Methods of Construction (AMC) and enable them to be further developed. Whg’s chief executive Gary Fulford said: ‘AMC offers a great opportunity to tackle the housing crisis and help us reach our target of building around 3,000 new homes in the next five years. ‘These homes are quicker to build, quicker … (To read the full article, subscribe below)