Published: 20th Mar 2020

Urban land could be used to improve the UK’s food security by providing fruit and vegetables to 15% of the population.  At the moment, just 16% of fruit and 53% of vegetables sold in the UK are grown domestically, so researchers at the University of Sheffield investigated the potential to increase this by using urban land. The researchers found that green spaces including parks, gardens, allotments, roadside verges and woodland cover 45% of Sheffield. Allotments cover just 1.3% of this, and 38% is covered by domestic gardens. According to the researchers, by putting gardens, suitable green spaces and allotments together it would open up 98 square meters per person in Sheffield for growing food. This equates to more than four times the space that is currently used for growing food in the UK. The researchers also looked at the potential for soil-free farming on flat roofs using methods such as … (To read the full article, subscribe below)